Cooking is like love.
It should be entered into with abandon or not at all.

Our Food Truck

Our story is simple: Food is our passion. Food is family. Food is happiness. Food is LOVE.

Being a military family, we’ve traveled all over the globe. Being away from our close friends and family have always been the most difficult. Holidays were extremely hard, in particular Thanksgiving and Christmas. We have always hosted Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners in our home. Soldiers in our unit were welcomed to join us. We learned that by hosting these dinners, our food brought comfort to the hearts of those that were unable to travel home to see family. Every dinner was made out of love. To see those smiling faces and to know that our meals were prepared “like Mama used to make” truly melted our hearts. We want to share our passion of food with everyone in hopes that our food can bring that same comfort to our customers as it has to so many others over the years. You can find us most Saturdays in front of Three Cellars, and Wednesdays at BP on Appleton Ave., all in Menomonee Falls.
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