Contact & Catering

Best Phone Number (preferably cellphone)
Please allow 2 hours for set up prior to the start of the event and min 1 hour for tear down.
Event end time will represent the ending time range of daily catering hours if the event is consecutive days (e.g. start time 4pm, end time 8pm; 4-8pm every day of catering needs). If times vary by day, we can gather all times when we connect.
Address is needed so we can estimate mileage and know how to get to your location. If this a business address please include the name of the business (those pull up better in GPS).
Keep it simple (wedding, party, employee luncheon, business luncheon). We’ll be speaking shortly.
choice from previous selection
If this event is open to the public, how many people usually attend?
As a note: We provide our own generator for power as well as our own water supply.